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WS United Cycling Club competes in professional Races. Our riders encourage one another, providing a stimulating and supportive environment that prepares you for larger rides. We offer a few different tracks throughout the year, enabling you to challenge yourself with rides of greater difficulty. Our rides are self-paced, allowing riders to find others that ride at a similar pace.

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   Upcoming Races 2017     

To everyone competing for any overall prices in each category, must!!
compete in the last race, to be qualified for any overall prices.

WS United Races

            Date:      The Roubaix race series starts the first Thursday in April of  
                                      Every Year and ends the last Thursday in July.
    WS United Champion System/Cure8 Group  Roubaix Series
Floyd Bennett Field   Select Your Category

Category Distance Start Fee Prizes
50 minutes 6:35 PM $25 $225/5
35 minutes 5:50 PM $25 $100/3
30 minutes 5:51 PM $25 Medals/5

Special Races

                 Place:  Floyd Bennett Field                                                                                                                                                 

            Date:     Oct 9-

            Name:    Tour of New York 
         Place:     Floyd Bennet Field

            Date:    July 4th-2017                                         

:   A Dash for Cash!!!                                          
Floyd Bennet Field                                



                                     MangoSeed Graveyard Series

            Date:       Starts Sunday August 6,13,20,27 Sep 3,10,17 and 24 series end 2017 

MangoSeed Graveyard Series

Floyd Bennet Field

                                        Click here to register for races:  https://www.bikereg.com

WS United Cycling Club

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(347) 419 2370


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