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                       2017 DOMESTIC ELITE TEAM MEMBERS


                                                                                        Team Captain                                                            
                                                                                  Jermaine Burrowes             
                                                                         Team Member for 15 years, Cat 1  

                                                                                      Team  Manager
                                                                                    Horace Burrowes                                                                                  
                                                                          Team Member for 15 years, Cat 1           

                                                                                          Our Sprinter
                                                                                        Anthony Lowe                                            
                                                                            Team Member for 10 years, Cat 1                      

                                                                                         Our Sprinter
                                                                                       Paul Burrowes
                                                                            Team Member for 15 years, Cat 1

                                                                                     Tom Bencivengo  
                                                                           Team Member for 3 year, Cat 2                  

                                                                                      Lisbon Quintero   
                                                                           Team Member for 3 year, Cat 1   


                                                                                    Sydney Charles    
                                                                            Team Member for 4 year, Cat 1

                                                                                        Johann Burrowes                                                                                    
                                                                              Team Member for 15 years, Cat 2                                

                                                      2017 Cat 3 TEAM MEMBERS

                                          Eddie Zimmerman                                            
                               Team Member for 9 years, Cat 3                   

                           James Joseph                                                               David Corriea                                            Carl Rogers
                 Team Member for 13 years, Cat 3                                 Team Member for 13 years, Cat 3                   Team Member for 3 years, Cat 4
             2011 Track Sprint National Champion

                         Samuel Torres                                 
Team Member for 6 years, Cat 3                        

Team We Stand United is a non-profit organization that started in 2004 when the four Burrowes brothers (Johann, Horace, Jermaine and Paul) decided to take their love for cycling to the next level. The brothers put all their efforts and money together and started racing the NYC circuit. They gained the respect of fellow cyclists as they began to win many races. Now Team We Stand United, with 15 elite riders, is recognized as one of the most successful elite cycling teams in the northeast.

Team We Stand United believe in fairness, and in training hard to succeed. They also encourage the development of leadership skill, sense of community responsibility and a healthy lifestyle.  Team We Stand United encourage all their members to eat right and compete without using drugs, hormones or synthetic chemicals to enhance performance.

WS United Cycling Club

(646) 670 1776
(347) 419 2370

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